Shravan Pradeep

Assistant Professor (Tenure)

BARCH (RV College of Architecture), M.ARCH in Urban Design (Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK)

Shravan graduated from RV College of Architecture and pursued an M.Arch at the Architectural Association, London in Energy and Environmental Studies.  Shravan is a practicing architect brings with him six years of industry experience.

After his bachelor’s studies, Shravan has worked in various practices in Baroda and Bangalore in various capacities adapting to various work cultures yet learning and growing from every experience.

Shravanbelieves indiverse learning and teaching techniques which help students explore the realm of Architectural design creating their own niche and styles.In 2014, he co-founded EnviArch Studio and is currently also a Senior Architect at Vinyas Architects. His core research interests include Bioclimatic Design Principles &Energy efficient architecture. He is the co-author of ‘Design Strategies for Office Buildings in Bangalore: Passive techniques for 24 hour working environments’presented at the PLEA International Conference, Bologna, Italy.

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