Bakul Jani

Bakul Jani

Associate Professor

Diploma in Architecture (equivalent to degree) from CEPT University – School of Architecture

Mr. Bakul Jani, Associate professor, obtained his Diploma in Architecture (equivalent to degree) in 1995 from CEPT University – School of Architecture.

As  Grantee under Arts education Program from IFA India Foundation for Arts  An Arts education project in Sultanpet Govt. school, near Nandihills,  Project ‘Sense and Placeness: Rediscovering Neibhourhood & Enabling lost Cultural expressions. In collaboration with Architect Meeta Jani and Karthik Mohan

He has been recipient of fellowship from American institute of Indian Studies, Indian National Science Academy and Centre for Mutual learning. Apart from collaborating in practice with small and he has been consultant in large firms. He has been adjunct faculty at CEPT in Architectural & Settlement Conservation 2009-2012. He has guided more than 35 undergraduate design and research dissertations. At RV College of Architecture, he teaches Architecture Design and Urban Design

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